Are you a woman frustrated with her financial situation? Do you feel like you don't have enough time to pursue your career and also support your family?  Are you looking for a rewarding work experience where you call the shots? Then direct selling might be for you. Gone are the days of door to door sales and Tupperware parties. In 2018, there are so many options for women to take charge of their finances while also having fun! Now we can use the internet and social media platforms to sell products that women actually want. 

This is the philosophy behind the Little Black Dress Concept. My goal is to empower women to strive for success in their careers so that they can achieve whatever goal they are working towards - and feel good about the time and effort it takes. The "LBD" is the backbone of your business, and you will learn how to "accessorize" it with all of the components you'll need to complete your "ensemble." With my help and your hard work, we’ll be able to accessorize your little black dress (business or financial goal) with the skills you need to find success in personal marketing and your career for years to come.