“As a single mom, I was struggling to make ends meet working part time as a direct seller. My friend recommended the “LBD Concept” eBook and I can honestly say I’ve referenced it almost every day since reading it! The tips and tricks have taught me how to optimize my time so that I can meet my clients regularly and still have time for my daughter. I would recommend this book to anybody working in sales!!” - Kristin H.
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“I have to give this eBook 5 stars. I’ve never come across a book tailored for a saleswoman, and I’ve been in sales for 12 years! This book will teach you about the “Little Black Dress” concept of personal marketing, and how you can use it to bring in more sales than with traditional methods.” Sheila R.
“This book is eye-opening. I have been selling directly part time for about 5 years, and never quite got the results I was looking for. After reading the LBD Concept, I’ve been able to quit my day job and focus solely on my selling career! This book taught me that quality is better than quantity in almost every aspect of my business. Try it - you won’t be disappointed!” - Heather T.
“Found this book on Amazon and had to give it a shot. I was having a hard time getting motivated to work on my side business, and this book helped me prioritize my tasks so that I wasn’t overwhelmed. The LBD Concept itself did a great job of reframing my mindset and teaching me about how important a positive incentive system is. Definitely would recommend!” - Lynn K.
“Just fantastic! LBD Concept is a must-read for any direct seller, man or woman. I can almost guarantee you’ll make more money after reading this, even if you haven’t started selling yet!” James L.
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